A schools arts project celebrating the River Thames

Managed by The Millennium Tapestry Company in partnership with the Thames Heritage Trust



How to Help

You may be able  to tell schools about the project. The project is aimed primarily at Primary Schools (Key Stages 1 and 2), Secondary Schools (Key Stage 3) and Special Schools. Kits and the support material started to be distributed in January 2010.

Can you help schools with your knowledge of the Thames or with your needlework or artistic skills? Please bear in mind that to work directly with children you will need CRB clearance.

The cost of providing materials, implements and support material to each school is over £350. Can you or an organisation you are involved with help by sponsoring a school?

There will be at least eight public displays of the Thames Heritage Tapestry along the Thames starting at the end of 2010. Hampton Court Palace will be one venue. Can you help with other suitable venues near the Thames or could you help in any way, perhaps by helping put up the display or by invigilating, with one or more of these exhibitions?

If you can help please contact Lizzie Owen.


Getting Involved with The Thames Heritage Tapestry

Project Aim

The aim on the Thames Heritage tapestry project is to raise awareness through learning to encourage active involvement in the River Thames. Schools along the River Thames are invited to take part in the Thames Heritage Tapestry, to learn more about the River and to contribute a metre square, to an artwork illustrating how the Thames has shaped and now influences their local communities.

The finished tapestries will reflect a multifaceted portrait of the Thames from its source to the sea through the eyes of the children of all abilities, who live along its banks.

Resource packs

As part of the project every school will received a resource pack.  We take a great deal of care in choosing and sourcing the highest quality yarns, materials and implements to go in the resource packs we send schools, and to match them as far as we can to the briefs you have.

We’ve also tried to write clear and helpful instructions about making a square metre of textural embroidery and to inspire schools to think about the tapestry’s subject matter.

To help make sure we were getting it right, we sent questionnaires to each school with their resource pack to get their initial impressions. The average results were really encouraging. As a percentage of the highest possible rating the pack contents scored 93%, the way in which they were packed 94%, and whether there were enough materials 81%. The technical instructions scored 88% and the thematic briefing 87%. The overall rating of the value of the project was 95%.

What the Resource Pack Contains

1. The Starter Kit of materials and implements

The Starter Kit includes the metre square of carpet canvas, many exciting yarns and materials and sets of needles, knitting pins, crochet hooks etc.

2. The Technical Brief

Welcome to the Thames Heritage Tapestry! We hope you thoroughly enjoy working on your own metre square of textural embroidery and find many exciting and imaginative ways of using the materials to express how you want to interpret your subject brief..... <continued>....

Download the full Resource pack and Technical Brief to read more.   Click the icon opposite.

Download the full resource pack technical brief.


The Thames Heritage Tapestry Resources to Download

Download Thematic Brief

 Download February Briefing


Contact: Lizzie Owen, The Millennium Tapestry Company, Telephone: 01869 233165 email:  thamestapestry@btinternet.com